Stifel Guidepost Program
Qualified Retirement Plan Consulting

The Stifel Guidepost Program enables you to utilize the advisory services of a Stifel Financial Advisor in establishing an asset allocation recommendation and receiving ongoing investment advice to allocate or reallocate your existing assets and/or contributions among investments available through your 401(k) plan.

The advisory process typically begins with a meeting with your Stifel Financial Advisor. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which will help establish your financial goals, investment objectives, risk profile, and unique financial situation. Your Stifel Financial Advisor will also ask for your most recent retirement plan account statement for an independent review and analysis. Using the information gathered from the questionnaire, your discussions, and a review of the retirement plan's investment options, your Stifel Financial Advisor will prepare a written allocation and strategy recommendation consistent with your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. On an ongoing basis, your Stifel Financial Advisor will monitor the allocation, based upon receipt of plan statements from you, and will be available to meet with you as needed.

Important Disclosures