EU Corporate
EU Corporate

Pan-European Leading Middle Market
Investment Bank
Pan-European Leading
Middle Market
Investment Bank

Stifel Europe, is your one-stop shop to develop your equity story as your personal corporate broker

Our Key Services Include:

IR Advisory

  • We will render advice surrounding your investor relations advisory efforts as well as your general capital markets positioning and equity story.

Investor Feedback

  • We will solicit timely, accurate, and high-quality feedback from institutional investors where possible and appropriate.


  • We will prepare a high-quality research report tailored towards the needs of institutional investors and containing sophisticated valuation methodologies.

Cross-Shareholder Analysis

  • We will compare your shareholder base to your general peer group and where appropriate approach peer group investors to pitch your equity story.

Corporate Access

  • We will establish an ongoing dialogue between you and the capital markets community by organising investor roadshows and conferences.

Trading Surveillance

  • We will inform you as soon as possible should we observe adverse or abnormal events in the ongoing trading of your shares.

A Selection of Our Corporate Brokerage Clients

State-of-the-Art Designated Sponsoring Services Provided by Experienced Professionals

  • Handmade orderbook overseen by senior professionals ensuring efficient pricing throughout the day
  • Providing attractive liquidity in the XETRA orderbook based on the principle “liquidity attracts liquidity”
  • Should abnormal or adverse events occur during trading, Stifel Europe will proactively help manage the situation
  • Management of overnight positions as needed
  • Increased liquidity will foster investors’ confidence and readiness to invest in your stock
  • Experienced team of five senior traders in Frankfurt to continuously oversee trading
  • Stifel Europe is committed to constantly achieve the top rating by Deutsche Börse (issued monthly) as a proof of quality
  • Furthermore, Stifel Europe is an integral part of the XETRA EnLight initiative of Deutsche Börse to generally increase liquidity

*Continental European services provided by Stifel Europe Bank AG (SEBA)

Key Contacts

Silke Schlünsen
Silke Schlünsen

Managing Director
Head of Corporate Brokerage
+49 (69) 78808 177

Luca Thorißen
Luca Thorißen

Associate Corporate Brokerage
+49 (69) 78808 178


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