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Move Money

Move money between your Stifel accounts – and to and from accounts at other banks. You can safely control your money wherever you are using the Stifel Wealth Tracker mobile app or desktop app.

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Transfer Funds

Internal Transfers

There is no fee to perform internal funds transfers. Account types that are eligible for internal transfers include:

Individual Accounts
Joint Accounts
Individual and Joint Trusts
When the trustee is solely authorized to transfer funds
Under your Social Security number
Sole Proprietorships
Under your Social Security number

External Transfers

This convenient, and free, feature allows you to initiate requests to move money between your Stifel brokerage accounts and accounts you hold at other financial institutions.

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Transfer Frequency

Make one-time transfers between accounts that will appear within the business day.

Schedule a transfer for in the future. The transfer will occur in the morning on the selected transfer date. Funds will be deposited into the account by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the transfer. Your account value will not be updated until transfer occurs.

Recurring transfers can be set up 10 different ways from weekly, monthly, or quarterly, to specific days of the month, and more.

Move Money FAQs

An internal transfer is a client-initiated request to move money from/to Stifel brokerage accounts.

To transfer funds from an eligible account, you must be an owner of the account.

On statements, the transfers will not indicate that they were completed through Stifel Wealth Tracker. They will display like Stifel Access or branch-initiated transfers.

Prior transactions can be viewed on the Manage Transfers page. There are tabs for Single Transactions and Recurring Transactions.

Yes, your frequency selection will allow different timeframes for periodic transfers.

Same-day transfers will be completed within the business day. Specifically, if you initiate a transfer between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. CST, it will be deposited by 5:00 p.m. CST. If the transfer is initiated after 12:00 p.m. CST, it will be completed the next day.

There is no fee to use the Move Money – Internal and External – Transfer Funds feature.

You cannot convert a connection at this time. If you would like to include that account in your aggregated view, you can delete the external transactions connection, then go to Manage Accounts > Connect or Search and link the institution there first. Once it's connected, it will appear in both your Linked Accounts and your Transfers Funds drop-downs.

View the complete steps to Link an outside account for aggregation then turn on money movement

The Enable Money Movement Link will not show in the Account Details under Manage Accounts > View Linked Accounts .

Yes, the Account Nicknames will show in the drop-downs to help you differentiate which account you are transferring to/from.

  • Number per account/day: none
  • Number per day: none
  • Number per month: none
  • Dollar amount per transaction: $20,000
  • Dollar amount per account/day: none
  • Dollar amount per day: none
  • Dollar amount per month: $100,000

With the above limits we enable you to move $20,000 per transaction up to $100,000 per month across all your eligible accounts.

No, you can choose to receive the secure access code by text message or phone call. For security purposes, text message or phone call are the only ways to receive that code: e-mail is not an option.

You can add a Home Phone number to your Wealth Tracker profile under Settings in order to receive a phone call with the secure access code.

Wealth Tracker does not facilitate transfers from one external account to another. If you selected to transfer From an external account then only Stifel accounts will be shown in the To drop-down. External Transfers can be made from a Stifel account to an external account or an external account to a Stifel account.

You can toggle individual accounts on and off for money movement by editing the account details within the Linked Accounts list.

Manage Accounts > View Linked Accounts then show all accounts within the linked institution, and select Edit on the right side of the individual account row. The details of the account will show, and under Account Nickname there is an Enable/Disable Money Movement toggle.

Your institution does not support Plaid authentication to connect the account. You can confirm this by trying to link specifically as an Account for Money Movement Only. If your institution isn’t listed, then it isn’t in the Plaid database for money movement. We suggest you reach out to your institution to request that they connect with Plaid for integration. You can still link your account manually:

  • Click Link an Account for Money Movement Only.
  • Add your account number, routing number, and account information.
  • Perform account verification through micro deposits.

View the complete steps to Link an outside account using account and routing numbers with micro deposits.