Stifel Spectrum Program
Hybrid Mutual Fund and ETF Portfolios


The Stifel Spectrum Program combines different investment approaches that, when used together, are designed to optimize risk-adjusted performance and reduce internal expenses often associated with investment management. Spectrum discretionary portfolios combine strategic, long-term management (ten years or greater market outlook) utilizing mutual funds as the investment vehicle with tactical management (shorter-term market outlook) utilizing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as the investment vehicle, along with an optional equity risk management strategy to help meet your investment needs.

Experts continually debate whether making "strategic" (long-term) investment decisions are more or less desirable than "tactical" (short-term) investment decisions. Stifel believes there is no single correct answer to the strategic versus tactical management deliberation. The Spectrum models marry both strategic and tactical investment philosophies, which may help reduce volatility while providing competitive returns.

Spectrum clients pay an annual fee for all of Stifel's services, including investment management, trading, custody, clearing, performance reporting, and ongoing advice from your Stifel Financial Advisor.

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