Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Headquarters: Baltimore, MD
Headquarters: Baltimore, MD
Headquarters: Florham Park, NJ

EquityCompass Strategies is a research and investment advisory unit of Choice Financial Partners, Inc. (“Choice”). Choice and Ziegler Capital Management, LLC (“ZCM”) are wholly-owned subsidiaries and affiliated SEC Registered Investment Advisers of Stifel Financial Corp. (“Stifel”). 1919 Investment Counsel consists of 1919 Investment Counsel & Trust Company, N.A. (“1919 IC&T”) and 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC (“1919ic”). 1919ic is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser and indirect subsidiary of Stifel. 1919 IC&T is an OCC-regulated national trust company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stifel. Washington Crossing Advisors is a Stifel investment advisory program. Assets Under Management represents the aggregate fair value of all discretionary and non-discretionary assets, including fee-paying and non-fee-paying portfolios. Assets Under Advisement represent advisory-only assets where the firm provides a model portfolio and does not have trading authority over the assets.