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Areas of Expertise

K-12 School Districts

Nationally, Stifel ranks as the top bond underwriter for K-12 public school districts. Our banking professionals serve school districts of diverse size and location, ranging from rural districts composed of a single school facility to some of the nation’s largest school districts in major metropolitan areas. Stifel provides market-driven guidance through every step of a transaction, with the awareness of a school district’s legal framework, policy objectives, and financing constraints. Our experience includes underwriting as sole, senior, or co-senior underwriter on district transactions for K-12 (public and private) and Charter Schools. Proceeds are typically raised for construction and/or modernization of capital facilities.

Tax Increment/Development Districts

Stifel believes that development finance provides an essential function for communities around the country. Our banking professionals work closely with local governments, development agencies, private developers, and other interested parties to understand the goals and constraints of each participant and craft financing programs to best meet the project’s needs and limitations. Our experience includes financing programs for commercial property/shopping mall development/redevelopment, military base re-use, urban infill projects, resort areas/second home communities, and large scale master planned communities, among others.


Stifel’s housing bankers provide financing alternatives to state and local housing finance agencies, for-profit developers, and 501(c)(3) corporations seeking taxable or tax-exempt funding for single family mortgage loans and multifamily housing rental projects that serve low- and moderate-income families. Consistently ranked as a national leader in publicly offered, multifamily housing bond-financed projects, we help our clients achieve strategic objectives through comprehensive investment banking services, in-depth housing sector knowledge, and expansive distribution channels. The Stifel affordable housing team has experience in a wide range of debt alternatives, including public bond offerings and private placements that utilize fixed and/or variable rates for new construction, acquisition/rehabilitation, and refinancings. We have often been in the forefront of developing innovative new financing structures and executions for single family and multifamily mortgage finance that subsequently became the standard for our industry. Our business relationships in this specialized intersection of municipal and mortgage finance encompass a highly experienced national network of tax-credit providers, credit enhancement sources, investors, lawyers, lenders, and other professionals. Stifel’s track record, experience, industry knowledge, and professional associations and contacts together work toward achieving the best possible transaction results for our clients.

State and Local Governments

As a leading financial services provider, Stifel is committed to assisting state and local government entities in raising capital to build or improve public infrastructure and to meet other general capital needs of the agency. Our banking professionals, based in regional offices coast-to-coast, have extensive experience in managing and solving complex governmental problems and creating innovative structuring solutions, utilizing general obligation, dedicated revenue, lease-backed, and many other security sources across the credit spectrum.

Higher Education Institutions

Stifel’s banking professionals work with institutions of higher education of all sizes around the country, including some of the nation’s largest public university systems, private colleges with campuses in multiple states, and various other institutions, demonstrating an understanding of the unique financing, security, and structural needs of these clients.


Stifel’s banking professionals work with a wide range of smaller local agencies to some of the largest and most complex water, wastewater, and public power agencies in the country to raise funds for expanding and improving important utility infrastructure. Our diverse set of utility clients include municipal-owned water and sewer systems and public power utilities that issue short-term and long-term debt backed by revenue, as well as independent authorities with taxing power.


Stifel’s public finance banking team includes a dedicated group of experienced professionals who provide analysis and recommendations relating to pension liability management to issuers around the country. While the team has senior managed financings for cities, counties, and states across the country, this analysis also includes a focus on the structural, policy, regulatory, and market-based issues that impact pension and OPEB finances.

Religion Finance

Stifel bankers have many years of experience in providing financing solutions to churches nationwide and have structured financings for many types of organizations – from multi-million-dollar mega-campuses to small country churches. We understand the issues religious organizations face, and we know how those issues can affect the outcome of a project. And when it comes to church financing solutions, we can bring to the table the full complement of solutions to consider, whether that is long-term financing, short-term financing, or even tax-exempt options.

The experience referenced above related to the Religion Finance Practice includes the previous experience of the bankers who joined Stifel in March 2018.