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Reducing Our Footprint

As challenges facing the environment mount, Stifel is committed to addressing the impact that our business has on our planet and its resources. As a global financial services firm, Stifel is not as natural resource intensive as industries like energy and manufacturing. However, we believe that there are increased efficiencies within our business that we can achieve in a cost efficient manner that not only benefit our clients and shareholders but also reduce our energy consumption, waste disposal and carbon footprint.

The simple mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, guides our environmental efforts. From automatic lights and faucets to recycling bins, we make it possible for the efforts of everyone at Stifel to contribute to environmental protection. Our newly implemented Green Chip program rewards associates whose ideas reduce our environmental impact.

From a business standpoint, Stifel incorporated environmental risk into equity research product. Additionally, we implemented our proprietary ESG Assessment Framework into our research product in order to allow Stifel analysts to communicate the relative ESG strengths and weaknesses of each company assessed.

The importance of environmental impact is evident from the feedback we have received in our recent shareholder outreach. Stifel’s management and board of directors believe that our existing environmental programs are an initial step towards addressing this important and growing issue. As we go forward, Stifel is examining approaches to expand our environmental disclosures to better meet recognized frameworks such as the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TFCD). Stifel is committed to working with shareholders, employees and vendors, to ensure sustainable environmental operational improvements.


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