Stifel offers convenient and efficient full-service accounts to help manage all of your assets from your brokerage account, money market account, and checking account.

The Stifel Prestige® Account provides a choice between several money market funds and an FDIC- insured account, access to unlimited check writing that includes expense tracking, a Debit MasterCard® that provides ATM and point-of-sale access, daily sweep of funds, and the ability to view account information and activity via the Internet.

The STIFEL|ADVANTAGE Account offers additional features including an awards program, a concierge service, electronic bill payment, a VISA® credit card, a Debit MasterCard® with increased point-of-sale and ATM limits, rebates on any domestic ATM fees that may have been incurred as well as access to convenient borrowing through a SPA Loan.

STIFEL|ADVANTAGE Account clients will also enjoy enhanced statement reporting for the entire household that includes expanded broad tax lots, historical portfolio values, current month and year-to-date performance for several key indices, a Market summary and recap for the current month, and much more...

You select the account that is right for you.

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