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January 31, 2024

The Appetizer

“We want to ensure the good people of the UK that the unthinkable notion of adding salt to Britain’s national drink is not official United States policy. And never will be. Let us unite in our steeped solidarity and show the world that when it comes to tea, we stand as one.”

  • The U.S. Embassy in London on X after a U.S. chemist claimed a pinch of salt was required for the perfect tea.

Now, on to the numbers. Drum roll, please …

  • 37%: The percentage of 16-to 19-year-olds that had a job or were looking for one in 2023, the highest annual rate since 2009.
  • 56 million: The number of viewers of the Chiefs-Bills playoff game at its peak, breaking the record for the most watched NFL divisional round game of all time.
  • $2,500: The value of Stanley drinking cups found in a California woman’s car trunk after she allegedly stole them. Please look at this photo.
  • $10,000: The amount that Siggi’s Dairy, an Icelandic-style yogurt company, is offering participants in its digital detox program who are able to stay off their phones for 30 days.
  • 15%: The percentage of Gen Z that are concerned about falling victim to losing money or assets through deceptive tactics. This compares to 20% of millennials, 27% of Gen X, and 27% of baby boomers.

Dig In
Revisiting the Streaming Wars

If you have been a loyal Stifel Bits reader for some time now, you may remember our last piece on the Streaming Wars in 2022. It’s been a while, so we wanted to revisit it. So, before we crown the current “leader” of the streaming wars, let’s meet the contenders.

We all know the main name in the game, Netflix, who most recently took a dive into live sports streaming, including its recent announcement of snatching WWE from cable and even hosting its very own Netflix Cup golf tournament in 2023. Plus, with hits like “Dahmer,” “Squid Game,” and “Stranger Things” clocking over a billion hours of viewing, Netflix is clearly in it to win it.

Then there’s Amazon Prime and Max, who both saw two of the largest premieres in television history with the launches of “House of the Dragon” and “The Rings of Power” over the summer. Hulu is another household name that sets itself apart by offering a live TV option, where you can access 60+ channels.

Let’s dig into the numbers, shall we? Recent data paints a picture where Netflix reigns supreme with an 8% share in the U.S., followed by 5% for Disney+/Hulu and 3% for Amazon Prime Video. Netflix also dominated the original TV series scene for 48 out of 52 weeks in 2023 and capped off a stellar Q4 by adding 13.1 million global subscribers for a total of more than 260 million! So there you have it, Netflix has taken the crown, pun absolutely intended.

Weekly Specials

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics breaks it down: Women working full-time make just 83% of what their male counterparts earn, up from 62% in 1979. We wonder what this stat would be in Barbie Land.

A breakthrough blood test screening for Alzheimer’s is showing up to 96% accuracy in detecting elevated levels of beta amyloid and up to 97% accuracy in identifying tau, crucial Alzheimer’s biomarkers. This could revolutionize early detection and treatment, given that the brain changes may occur up to 20 years before obvious symptoms emerge.

Tweens (pre-teens), are all about skin care and causing chaos at Sephora stores nationwide. At the top of birthday wish lists for many are bronzing drops and lip oils. Witnesses and employees recount 10-year-olds throwing tantrums over “Drunk Elephant” creams that are all the rage. It’s like the terrible twos, but with a tween twist.

There was a hole in the cement of a Chicago sidewalk that was shaped like a rat for years. Like many things these days, it didn’t take a lot for it to quickly become an internet sensation. A proposal, a wedding, and a shrine have all appeared at it. The city filled it in, but that same day onlookers scrubbed the cement before it could set in, preserving this very important landmark.


Corporate Lunch

General Motors is broadening its fan base with the 2025 Chevy Equinox – a rugged ride that also comes with heated seats.

JetBlue and Spirit Airlines did not join forces, opting for profitability by trimming routes like New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to San Jose, California.

Applebee’s $200 weekly date night subscription pass sold out in minutes! Turns out, the allure of bottomless boneless wings, riblets, and shrimp is stronger than we imagined.

Macy’s turned down a $5.8 billion takeover bid from Arkhouse Management, arguing that it believes the company’s real value is somewhere between $7.5 billion and $11.6 billion. For whoever is making the decision, just realize that Arkhouse Management’s Thanksgivings Day Parade just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Oatly is bringing its dairy free options to Carvel – taking the steps to be lactose intolerant inclusive!

Stanley Quencher cups have become a viral sensation, a must-have staple for any legitimate social media influencer. All that attention has brought into focus that the tumblers contain “safe” levels of lead.

Apparently, In-N-Out has never closed a location, until now. With great sadness, we would like to report the In-N-Out Oakland location is closing – citing crime as the main issue.

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