Corporate Philanthropy

As a major financial institution, Stifel understands the importance of financial equity. In 2023, Stifel continued to invest in the communities in which we operate through our ongoing commitment to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), strategic partnerships with impact organizations, corporate giving, and volunteerism.

Stifel demonstrates our commitment to the community through our continued dedication to our multiyear strategy for the CRA. Through our investment in the CRA, Stifel provides credit and funding to traditionally underbanked clients in an effort to enhance equity across all levels of credit dispersion in the communities in which Stifel operates. In 2023, we underwrote nearly $3 billion of CRA-eligible bonds for low- and moderate-income communities.

In addition to leveraging our financial services to uplift our communities, Stifel demonstrates our commitment to investing in communities by partnering with impact organizations, increasing our corporate giving, and encouraging associate engagement with our matching gift program. In 2023, our associates showed their dedication to their communities through their extensive volunteering and nonprofit board service.