In 2023, Stifel actively monitored the evolving landscape of domestic and international regulations concerning sustainability-related disclosures and recognized their potential impact on sustainability-focused investments. Stifel remains vigilant in integrating applicable elements into our compliance regimen. This proactive stance ensures alignment with emerging standards while maintaining a commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance.

In line with our dedication to environmental responsibility, Stifel has made significant investments in sustainability, particularly at our St. Louis headquarters, where we increased energy efficiency by 33% in 2023. Additionally, Stifel conducts a robust electronics recycling program to divert potentially harmful materials from landfills. In 2023, we diverted 43 metric tons of potentially hazardous materials from landfills or incineration. Stifel also reinforces our commitment to environmental stewardship through other company-wide initiatives like our Think Before You Print campaign, which encourages associates to digitize communications and promote active recycling practices.