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Environmental, Social, and Governance
2022 ESG Highlights
$3+ Billion ESG Assets Under Management
26,000+ Associate Volunteer Hours
82% Independent Board Directors
Reducing Our Footprint

As a financial services company, we act as stewards of our clients’ money. As citizens of the world, we extend our responsibility to an asset we all share – the environment. We recognize the need to tread lightly as we go about our business in order to preserve the world for future generations.

Investing in Our People

Through diversity and inclusion, we aspire to instill in our teams the same collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit that Stifel has cultivated since the beginning. We listen, we support, and we guide, encouraging all our people to reach their full potential.

At Stifel, we recognize that incorporating ESG principles into our business strategy and our day-to-day work provides opportunity for enhanced performance and can drive positive impact for the full spectrum of our stakeholders.
Built for the Long Term

While finance is a highly regulated industry, we hold ourselves to even higher standards of conduct. Our culture of compliance allows our associates to feel comfortable asking questions and escalating concerns, and our clients know us to be respectful and highly ethical.

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