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Built for the
Long Term

Stifel governance includes “responsible caretaking” with policies in place to ensure accountability. In accordance with NYSE and SEC rules, our Board of Directors is composed of two employee directors and nine independent directors, including a Lead Independent Director. Our board committees include Audit, Compensation, Nominations & Corporate Governance, and Risk Management, the members of which are 100% independent.

Our firm’s ESG work, measurement, and tracking are overseen at the Board level by the Nominations & Corporate Governance Committee, which in recent years has met at least four times a year to discuss topics including diversity, philanthropy, environmental policies, and community development. Each quarter they are presented with ESG program updates by the Head of Diversity and Inclusion, who manages Stifel’s ESG program across our business segments. We believe our approach to ESG is consistent with our firm’s philosophy and our commitment to long-term value creation.

Information Security: To promote data security and the protection of our clients, our industry is highly regulated with specific rules applied to each area of our business. Based on our commitment to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of our data, Stifel diligently adheres to all mandated protections.

I am proud of our Board’s progress to date in our oversight of Stifel’s approach to ESG matters. Given the evolving nature of ESG in the financial space and beyond, I anticipate our continuing to exercise a flexible approach in light of the ongoing national conversation. – Maura Markus, Chairman of the Nominations & Corporate Governance Committee
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