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Stifel Human Resources, led by Dr. Benjamin Akande

Diversity and Inclusion at Stifel

The Stifel Golden Rule

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In all that we do, Stifel strives for a culture that puts its clients and associates first, a culture where everyone belongs, everyone is welcome, and everyone contributes to the success of our clients, their careers, and the firm as a whole.

Stifel knows that to meet the financial needs of the increasingly diverse and discerning communities we serve, in over 400 locations across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, we must deliver services that accord with the values and preferences of our clients. A diverse team is a critical element of how we find success. Stifel builds on diversity, inclusion, respect, and engagement in all that we do, across the firm.

Creating an inclusive, thriving business is about more than gender and race. Below is a table showing our benchmarks for diversity and inclusion with our U.S.-based Associates.

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"I joined Stifel nine years ago in a junior role and knew I had more to offer from the start. I’ve proven myself through hard work, been recognized by Stifel for my abilities, and have been steadily promoted. I want those on the team I lead, and everyone at Stifel, to have the same opportunities and more. Stifel has grown rapidly in breadth of business and size since I’ve been here. Supporting that growth is a challenge that we welcome, but Stifel has remained a good place to work. Our culture has also evolved. For example, Stifel has grown more diverse over time, and that growth must continue. The millennials who report to me ask more of Stifel than ever before as a place to advance and develop, and I know that to win and keep the best talent, Stifel must continuously increase and improve its internal pathways for individual growth and success."

Cassandra Stewart
Manager, Benefits
St. Louis, Missouri

Stifel can be proud of what it has accomplished so far, but knows that there is far more to be done. Nothing illustrates the progress possible, and the reasons for pride, better than our growing accomplishments.

In 2017, WIN – Stifel’s Women’s Initiative Network – was established.

"Our mission is to build a network of women advisors and professionals across Stifel. We have director-level support and encouragement that will help us succeed. This initiative will challenge our thinking about recruiting, retaining, and promoting women across the firm. More women are inheriting and controlling wealth. Stifel knows this and will take this opportunity to meet the needs of all investors."

Kristen Taylor
Senior Vice President/Investments
Wenatchee, Washington
State of Stifel presentation to all employees, October 6, 2017

Stifel’s Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) was founded in the second half of 2017 to engage and equip women throughout Stifel with the networking and mentoring tools to set and achieve goals in their personal and professional lives. Stifel believes that its clients are best served by professionals who are at their best and fully reflect the communities we serve. WIN is an important part of how Stifel’s professionals are putting that belief into practice. WIN includes:

  • Leadership by women in each of Stifel’s major business segments – Wealth Management, Institutional Group, and Home Office.
  • Supporting non-profit entities that empower diversity.
  • Internships to foster working relationships and expand our workforce diversity.
  • Opportunities for Stifel associates to bring daughters and sons to work, exposing the next generation to careers in the financial services industry.
  • Empower Magazine, a forum for communication by and within WIN published to the entire firm.

WIN has the enthusiastic support of Stifel’s board and senior executive leadership. Our Board meets with WIN leaders to oversee and encourage the initiative’s progress forward.

"Stifel’s WIN is another example of empowering our advisors to be entrepreneurial, providing our women advisors the opportunity to share experiences and deliver appropriate solutions to clients without one-size-fits-all product offerings."

Crystal Schlegl
First Vice President and Senior Branch Administrator
St. Louis, Missouri

Stifel is committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent. That requires us to recruit our talent from a diverse talent pool and invest in them at every stage of their careers. From junior analysts to senior executives, we train, engage, and provide an environment that enables our associates to maximize client results, career growth, and shareholder returns.

Stifel is dedicated to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion by embracing and welcoming everyone. Stifel is broadening how and where we recruit the next generation of financial advisors, and has introduced training and dialogue that fosters a culture of inclusion throughout the firm. Stifel is also focused on training current associates to encourage and bring together knowledge, self-expression, and unique competencies throughout the firm at all levels of management.

Stifel is doing more than ever to reach a broader and more diverse applicant pool. Stifel has improved its connection with veterans entering the financial services sector by participating in veteran-focused job fairs and recruitment sites. Stifel has expanded its recruitment in historically black colleges and universities and job sites that are minority focused.

As part of this effort, Stifel also strives to attract a diverse array of interns, summer associates, and summer analysts across its businesses. We implemented the Sophomore Explorers program in 2018 to bring together a diverse group of college students to showcase career opportunities within our firm, and encourage participation in both our internship and early career Institutional Group programs.

"In my career, I have been part of a Wall Street bulge-bracket investment bank as well as a regional boutique firm. I believe Stifel is the best of both worlds for clients: a full suite of products and services coupled with high-touch, client-centric industry expertise. Stifel has also been the best choice for me as an investment banker. Since day one, everyone here has been supportive and genuinely interested in my career development. Stifel recognizes the important role that mentors can play in the ongoing professional development of its employees. I am proud that I have the opportunity to mentor junior professionals here at Stifel, and I look forward to Stifel formalizing a mentoring program that supports the development of upcoming financial professionals."

David Collins
Director, Investment Banking, Tech-Enabled Services
Baltimore, Maryland

Stifel knows that there is much more to be done to improve its ethnic diversity and its diversity across other dimensions. Stifel also knows that our employee benefits package plays a part in bolstering retention, professional development, and personal flourishing. Stifel uses a broad array of information, including the data shared here, in its internal goal-setting for improving ethnic, gender, lifestyle, and other diversity factors.

"Recruiting is an essential part of our strategy of building a diverse talent pool. But diversity is about more than recruiting. Stifel knows that to build a pipeline of emerging talent across the spectrum of diversity, it must be recognized for what it is: a place where role models who have succeeded and continue to succeed are available to inspire incoming professionals to do their best."

Carol DeNatale
Chief Operating Officer, Institutional Group
New York, New York

Our diversity and inclusion efforts include lunches and training to encourage everyone at Stifel to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of the teams within our firm. Diversity of race, religion, sexual origin, gender identity, age, and disability are discussed, in their business and historical context. Inclusion, respect, and equity are embraced. For several years, Stifel has also required all employees to participate in periodic training to promote diversity and prevent workplace harassment, which includes discussion of employee and manager responsibility for fostering diversity and preventing discrimination and stereotyping, unconscious bias, best practices, confidential reporting of problems, and developments in legal and social context.

Leadership is indispensable to promote diversity and inclusion.

Stifel’s senior leadership, both executives and directors, have embraced and accelerated the progress Stifel is making in diversity and inclusion. This leadership has included an ongoing engagement by the board with WIN and other diversity and inclusion initiatives, reports by our CEO to multiple constituencies within the firm as to our challenges and opportunities as we increase our diversity and inclusion, and a commitment to devote firm resources to these efforts.

"Speaking of opportunity…bottom line: we need more women advisors; we need more diversity; we need both gender and racial diversity. We need to embrace diversity. I’m very excited about this. No lip-service here. This is about rethinking the way we approach the business. It’s been a male-dominated industry, and we’re going to change that."

Ronald J. Kruszewski
Chairman & CEO
State of Stifel presentation to all employees, October 6, 2017

1These figures are based on year-end information, and may be rounded to the nearest whole percentage. Ethnicity designations and the terms “executive and senior-level officials and managers” (such as C-level officers), “first/mid-level officials and managers” (such as those directly reporting to C-level officers), and “professionals” (such as employees with professional credentials) are each used as defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, such that ethnicity designations other than “Hispanic or Latino” do not include individuals that identify “Hispanic or Latino.”