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Organize Your Financial Life

  • Pull all of your financial information into one singular, secure view
  • Create a personal balance sheet
  • Take a more in-depth look at your holdings
  • Track your spending and view your net worth
  • Better understand the companies you're invested in by accessing Stifel's nationally recognized research and investment insights
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What is your application process?

Each opening requires an application through our applicant tracking system. You may create a presence (profile) to shorten that process if you apply for more than one opportunity. Our internal recruiters routinely screen applicants for each opportunity. Viable applicants advance through the process with additional screenings and interviews. If you’ve created a presence (profile), your information is always available for other opportunities, but it is incumbent on you to keep it current or even change it to be the most suitable for any opportunity you pursue.

What is your Hiring Process?

We strive to find the right person for the right position to ensure success on every level. While the process may vary somewhat depending on the business unit you are applying for, the basic element remains the same. Here's what you can expect as you move through the process to join the Stifel team.

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I forgot my Careers login/user name and/or password. How do I retrieve/reset it?

If you do not recall the e-mail address and/or password used for our Careers site, please select the "Create/Reset Your Password" link. If your e-mail address is on file, you will receive new login credentials to that e-mail address. If you are a first-time user, select "Register" to create an account.

Can I upload multiple resumes?

Log into the Stifel Career Opportunities website and open the My Presence tab. You may upload and edit different resume versions here but may only include one version per opportunity.

How can I delete attachments from the system?

You can delete documents by clicking the pen icon next to Uploads on the My Presence page.

How can I change my Careers e-mail address?

Log into the Stifel Career Opportunities website and open the My Presence tab. Open Personal Information and click the pen icon next to Contact Information.

Do I have to log in to Careers site to search jobs?

Yes. External candidates log into and internal candidates log into UltiPro. Internal candidates may also access the opportunities through

Should current Stifel associates use this site to apply for open positions?

Current Stifel associates should access current opportunities by logging into UltiPro > Myself > My Company > View Opportunities.

How do I apply for a job?

The best way to apply for a job at Stifel is through this web site on the Job Board. Go to My Presence where you may edit your profile information, check the status of outstanding applications, upload a new resume and add references.

How do I know my application was received?

You will receive an e-mail confirming that your application was received.

How long does the hiring process take?

The process varies, but most people have at least two rounds of face-to-face interviews. While most posted positions are available immediately, the hiring process can vary greatly in length depending on a number of variables, including but not limited to the skills needed and the number of qualified candidates.

If I don't get this job, can I continue to apply for other Stifel positions?

Yes. We routinely update our positions, and we may have a new opening that is a better fit for you.

What is the salary range of the position I applied for?

The salary range may be discussed during the screening process. It varies.

If I am interested in a Financial Advisor opportunity, how would I apply?

If you are interested in becoming a Financial Advisor at Stifel, please contact the Branch Manager at your location of choice (Branch Locations Link), call our Financial Advisor Recruiting Hotline at (855) 244-3002 or log on to