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Please answer these six questions to complete your request.

1. Stifel subsidiary

"Stifel" refers to the following subsidiaries. Check the ones you have or had a relationship with.

  •  Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated
  •  Stifel Bank
  •  Stifel Trust Company, N.A.
  •  1919 Investment Counsel
  •  Equity Compass
  •  Thomas Weisel Global Growth Partners
  •  Washington Crossing Advisors
  •  Century Securities
  •  Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc.
  •  Stifel Trust Company Delaware, N.A.
  •  Stifel Bank & Trust
  •  Eaton Partners
  •  Miller Buckfire

2. Request type

Specify your request type.

  • Request to know what personal information Stifel has about me from any source
  • Request to delete the personal information Stifel has collected from me

3. Report type

Check all that you want to know about your personal information.

  •  Categories of my personal information Stifel has collected
  •  Categories of sources my personal information was collected from
  •  The purpose for collecting my personal information
  •  Categories of third parties my personal information was shared with
  •  The purpose for sharing my personal information
  •  Specific pieces of my personal information collected

4. Delivery Preference

Pick your preferred method for receiving the personal information report.

  • By postal mail at the address I enter below
  • By e-mail at the address I enter below

5. Relationship type

Select all your current or past relationships with Stifel. Here, "employee" includes contractors and job applicants.

  •  Account holder (personal/household accounts only)
  •  Employee of Stifel
  •  Employee of an institutional client of Stifel
  •  Employee of an organization doing business with Stifel
  •  Other relationship to Stifel, please specify

6. Contact Information

Please fill out the following information about yourself so that Stifel can contact you with additional details and also verify your identity if needed.

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