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Stifel Wealth Tracker

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Organize Your Financial Life

  • Pull all of your financial information into one singular, secure view
  • Create a personal balance sheet
  • Take a more in-depth look at your holdings
  • Track your spending and view your net worth
  • Better understand the companies you're invested in by accessing Stifel's nationally recognized research and investment insights
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Stifel Wealth Tracker

Get your full financial picture and more with our all new application.

Stifel Wealth Tracker can help you:

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Stifel Access

After serving our clients well for more than 15 years, Stifel Access is headed toward retirement.

Its replacement – Stifel Wealth Tracker – will provide a custom online experience. In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy the full functionality of Stifel Access.

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Stifel Fundamentals Program
Mutual Fund & ETF Portfolios

The Stifel Fundamentals Program is an open-end mutual fund and exchange traded fund advisory wrap program that allows you to turn over the day-to-day portfolio management decisions by giving trading authority to Stifel ("discretionary"). Stifel Financial Advisors work with you to determine the model or models best suited to your needs and provide ongoing monitoring to help ensure your investment objectives are met.

Stifel has developed and actively manages a number of model portfolios for clients who understand the value of professional money management. No matter your age or investment objective, Stifel has a portfolio to suit your individual needs. We will help you select the portfolio that best meets your requirements for growth or income. Clients can choose between a more "active" investment approach, which uses mutual funds, and a more "passive" approach that uses exchange traded funds.

Stifel conducts thorough due diligence reviews, including one-on-one meetings with many mutual fund portfolio managers, as part of its comprehensive, multi-factor screening and selection process. Managers are selected for inclusion in Fundamentals discretionary accounts based on a variety of criteria, including manager tenure and risk-adjusted performance. No proprietary mutual funds are used in Fundamentals, promoting greater objectivity. Stifel research is the building block on which discretionary accounts are managed.

Fundamentals clients pay an annual fee for all of Stifel's services, including investment management, trading, custody, clearing, performance reporting, and ongoing advice from your Stifel Financial Advisor.

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