Stifel Solutions Program
Financial Advisor as Investment Manager


The Stifel Solutions Program is designed for investors looking for the convenience of individualized investment management services offered directly through their trusted Stifel Financial Advisor.

In this program, approved Stifel Financial Advisors manage your assets on a discretionary basis through the consistent application of a pre-screened investment process that may use a variety of investment styles, from conservative to aggressive. Advisors in this program must meet the strict criteria of Stifel's Investment Review Committee before receiving authorization to personally manage your investments. Once approved, the advisor must adhere to specific program parameters that help ensure portfolio diversification.

All investment decisions in a Solutions account are made by the Stifel Financial Advisor on your behalf without receiving prior approval, allowing us to react quickly to market conditions in order to execute the investment strategy. As such, it is extremely important that you understand your advisor's investment philosophy and decision-making process before entrusting him or her with your portfolio.

Important Disclosures