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Organize Your Financial Life

  • Pull all of your financial information into one singular, secure view
  • Create a personal balance sheet
  • Take a more in-depth look at your holdings
  • Track your spending and view your net worth
  • Better understand the companies you're invested in by accessing Stifel's nationally recognized research and investment insights
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Stifel Summit Program
Institutional Asset Consulting

The Stifel Summit Program is tailored to facilitate a consultative relationship between a Stifel Financial Advisor and high net worth individuals or organizations whose assets may be held elsewhere. It can accommodate those seeking integrated investment solutions utilizing the services of a number of different professionals, which may include investment managers, attorneys, accountants, actuaries, and other advisors. The Stifel Summit Program encompasses a broad range of investment services that may include:

  • Assistance in the preparation and maintenance of an investment policy statement
  • Analysis of asset allocation and style consistency
  • Advice regarding use of third-party investment managers
  • Recommendations on the purchase and sale of individual investments
  • Evaluation of investment risk and performance

Your Stifel Financial Advisor will work with Stifel Investment Advisory and possibly other areas within Stifel, such as our nationally recognized research department, to help you address your investment concerns. Your Stifel Financial Advisor welcomes the opportunity to discuss the ways in which the Stifel Summit Program can be of value to you or your organization.

A flexible fee structure allows you to choose your method of pricing, depending upon the level of service needed. These services can be offered for a flat fee or an asset-based fee.

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