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For transactions in newly issued Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB), Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), Federal Farm Credit Bank (FFCB), Municipal Bonds (MSRB), and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) securities, you may access Offering Documentation (including Notices and Circulars), Term Sheets, Pricing Supplements, and Financial Reports by visiting their respective websites directly:

Symbol Company Available Until
AEFC AEGON Funding Company LLC 5.10% Subordinated Notes due 2049 1/16/2020
AGNCO AGNC Investment Corp. 6.50% Series Preferred 1/7/2020
ALLprI Allstate Corp. Series I Pfd. 2/5/2020
APPN Appian Corp. 12/8/2019
ATHprB Athene Holding Ltd. Series B Pfd. 12/23/2019
AVGO.A Broadcom, Inc. 8.0% Mandatory Convertible Preferred, Series A 12/29/2019
AXNX Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc. 2/20/2020
BACprN Bank of America Corp. Series LL Pfd. 12/12/2019
BFSprE Saul Centers, Inc. Series E Pfd. 12/12/2019
BRBR Bellring Brands, Inc. 1/16/2020
BRP BRP Group, Inc. 1/27/2020
BXSprA Bancorp South Bank 5.5% Series A Pfd. 2/13/2020
DDOG Datadog, Inc. 12/22/2019
DTE DTE Energy Co. 2/2/2020
DTE DTE Energy Co. Equity Units 2/2/2020
DUK Duke Energy Corp. 2/19/2020
EFC Ellington Financial Corp. 2/19/2020
EFCprA Ellington Financial Inc. 6.75% Series A Fixed-to-Floating Pfd. 1/16/2020
EOLS Evolus, Inc. 2/9/2020
FBM Foundation Building Materials, Inc. 12/23/2019
FDUSG Fidus Investment Corp. Senior Notes 1/13/2020
FSRVU FinServ Acquisition Corp. 2/5/2020
FTAIprA Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure Series A Pfd. 12/10/2019
FTAIprB Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC 8.0% Fixed-to-Floating Rate Series B Pfd. 2/25/2020
GO Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. 1/8/2020
GOODN Gladstone Commercial Corp. 6.625% Series E Pfd. 12/29/2019
HBT HBT Financial, Inc. 1/13/2020
HTGM HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. 12/23/2019
IGMS IGM Biosciences, Inc. 12/18/2019
KRTX Karuna Therapeutics, Inc. 2/23/2020
MCBS MetroCity Bankshares, Inc 1/7/2020
MITTprC AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. Series C Pfd. 12/12/2019
MPW Medical Properties Trust, Inc. 2/6/2020
MTEM Molecular Templates, Inc. 2/23/2020
NEE NextEra Energy, Inc. Equity Units 12/8/2019
NMFC New Mountain Finance Corp. 1/23/2020
NNN National Retail Properties, Inc. 12/8/2019
NVST Envista Holdings Corp. 12/18/2019
NYMT New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. 12/12/2019
NYMTM New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. 7.875% Series E Pfd. 1/13/2020
OPRT Oportun Financial Corp. 12/29/2019
PEAK Healthpeak Properties, Inc. 2/5/2020
PFGC Performance Food Group Company 2/23/2020
PING Ping Identity Holding Corp. 12/22/2019
PLMR Palomar Holdings, Inc. 12/29/2019
PLYM Plymouth Industrial REIT, Inc. 12/29/2019
PNNTG PennantPark Investment Corp. 5.5% Sn Notes due 2024 1/7/2020
PTON Peloton Interactive, Inc. 12/29/2019
QURE uniQure N.V. 12/8/2019
QVCC QVC, Inc. 6.25% Senior Secured Notes due 2068 2/20/2020
RETA Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2/16/2020
RWT Redwood Trust, Inc. 12/8/2019
SAFE Safehold, Inc. 2/19/2020
SDC SmileDirectClub, Inc. 12/15/2019
SI Silvergate Capital Corp. 2/9/2020
SITM SiTime Corp. 2/20/2020
TRTNprC Triton Internationa Ltd. 7.375% Series C Pfd. 2/5/2020
TW Tradeweb Markets, Inc. 1/23/2020
TXMD TherapeuticsMD, Inc. 1/27/2020
VER VEREIT, Inc. 12/29/2019
VIR Vir Biotechnology, Inc. 1/13/2020
WMS Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. 12/8/2019
XFOR X4 Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 3/2/2020
YETI YETI Holdings, Inc. 2/9/2020
Under certain circumstances, Rules 172 and 173 promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, exempt Stifel from the requirement to deliver a hard copy of the final prospectus to purchasers in certain registered public offerings of securities. These SEC rules permit underwriters and dealers, such as Stifel, instead to fulfill their prospectus delivery requirements through an "access equals delivery" framework whereby the customer will be deemed to have received delivery of the final prospectus by virtue of its availability on the SEC's EDGAR website if the transaction confirmation received by the customer contains language notifying the customer that the sale was made pursuant to a registration statement or in a transaction where a final prospectus would normally be required to be delivered.
Notwithstanding the availability of this "access equals delivery" exemption, Stifel has posted electronic copies of the final prospectuses for certain registered public offerings on this Web page solely as a convenience to its clients. These prospectuses were prepared and filed with the SEC by the issuer, and Stifel makes no representation or warranty that the information contained therein is accurate or complete. Please note that these prospectuses are valid only during the applicable required prospectus delivery period and may not reflect current information regarding the issuer or the securities offered. Stifel has no duty or obligation to update these prospectuses or any of the information contained therein.